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02 November 2017 16:19
Hi, there.

Where I can read about create animation and run this animation by script.

I want to create a Cube mesh. Then create a moving animation to this mesh. Example, from Y position of mesh 10 to 0.

How do I must do it?
31 October 2017 09:30
Object / Apply / Scale or CTRL + A Scale

Hi, Juani. This is work for me.
31 October 2017 07:17
Hi, there!

I am create a plane and cylinder. In the plane I am turn on Particles. Particles are a cylinder. Created as hair only in vertecs.

The original size of plane is [2, 2, 2]; When I am scaling plane size to [10, 10, 10], in Fast Preview and exported .json file this not affect. It is in original size. What is error?

If someone do not understanding me, this is my .blend file in attach.
10 October 2017 06:32
Hi, Blend4Web team.

How to load many model objects and then only start when all objects loaded?
03 August 2017 12:24
Hi, there!

Thanks all, who replied for my question. The answer what I use - m_trans.distance();

It helped for me.
02 August 2017 10:01
Thank you,

I am using what you wrote to me. This is work, If your character position is not moved, and rotation is not more over 90 degree.

01 August 2017 16:36
Hi, there.

How to find distance to the object from camera? Thanks.
01 August 2017 12:06
Hi, there.

Why quaternions not work, how you expect. This is my file, where I wrote the code, where quaternions work not properly.

Zip file:

Thank you every one, who help me.
01 August 2017 12:01
Hi, Will. Thank you for you reply.

I have been did read this examples and I am understand how it is work.

I can't understand, what is the quaternions. I cant what is the x, y, z and w coefficients. I can understand x, y, z. But this quternions really not understandable.

Do you download my example file and run it? If not, please open it. You can understand, what is happen when I click an object and this object is rotating not normal physics. Because it is quaternions.

28 July 2017 15:22
Добрый день,

Статья хорошая. Использовал ее в своем обучении. Но у меня есть вопрос. Где можно прочитать про все углы, измерения про вращения? Всякие кватернионы, радианы, градусы и то, что в Blender.
А как получить градус поворота объекта? Разницу между двумя значениями по кватернионам? А еще выполнить плавное вращения объекта по кватернионам. Углы в начале не 60 градусов, как в документации о Кватернионах, а случайные.