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06 September 2016 11:57
Excellent !!

Thank you thousand times Konstantin.
05 September 2016 19:52
Hello Konstantin,

Here is the blend file.
05 September 2016 17:11
Hello everybody,

I don't understand how variables work with transform rotation.

When I enter a number in the transform rotation node ( Z for example ), if I hit the trigger object, the transformed one rotates exactly the number of degrees I've entered in the transform node

But If, in this node, I choose instead a variable that I have previously defined as a number ( 5.00 for example ) then the transformed object rotation is not 5 degrees but anything else which seems to have nothing to do with the number I decided.

Is there a conversion I missed ?

Thank you by advance.
03 September 2016 15:16
Hello everybody,

Since new logic editor allows a lot more features, I have improved this grammophone and some other 3D presentations I had made.

Take a look at the piano toy for example, and play it.

Nicolas Charmel Interactive 3D
25 August 2016 11:39
Too bad, I can't submit because I haven't got the 2 connects required on upwork…
24 August 2016 14:22
it's driving me mad :

I have just closed firefox, opened blender, tried the sound with playing the timeline . It works.

And now, I re-open firefox, open the .html which links towards the webplayer and the json and …

It sounds !!!

And the webgl audio on my portfolio on line sounds too.

What have changed between now and 15 minutes ago ? I still don't know .
24 August 2016 14:03
Hi Yuri,

I've made all the changes on my B4W scenes in my portfolio. They are now json files loading from an online webplayer.

They all works perfectly with both firefox an chrome.

here is the link :Port folio B4W

Here, on my machine , I cannot test the projects without the project manager in chrome, as you explained to me ( same-origin policy ).

But I can do it with firefox, which is very convenient, since I can manage my folders as I want in my directories.
But today, firefox doesn't play webgl audio again on this computer. It plays video's sound .
And yesterday, it played Webgl audio. I don't know what have changed between yesterday and today.
09 August 2016 16:07
Hi Yuri,

So I found the time for testing this stuff :

Now, The sound is back on Firefox.

The json file works also perfectly with both Firefox and Chrome from my website.

For this, I had to change my way of working and classifying the directories and files.
I have exported a new time the blend file in Json, but together in the same directory, with audio and textures linked also in the same directory. And I have put the whole content ( except the blend file ) on the server of my website.

And now, it works ( I've made a very little change in the interaction of the bottle, meantime, great thanks to your new logic editor )

But locally ( by opening the html file which links to the json on my machine ) only Firefox works, not Chrome ( still showing this "could not load the scene" ).

The Chrome console says :
XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///home/nico/Public/Divers/SiteNico/PortFolio/B4W/GoeletteB4Web.json?t=26072016154706. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.w
B4W ERROR: empty responce when trying to get ../PortFolio/B4W/GoeletteB4Web.json?t=26072016154706
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'shift' of null

09 August 2016 10:21
Hi Yuri,

Actually, I'm just trying to run the Web player content from the directory, all on the same machine, for each machine.

A little bit like a local server, yes. But I'm not using the Project Manager.

I'm going to try a new private web page with the whole content on my web site as soon as I finish another work I'm working on this week.

And I'll come back straight after.
06 August 2016 15:56
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to work with json files instead of html in order to get my scenes to load quicker with the webplayer loaded once .

Here is my script :
<iframe width="800" height="500" allowfullscreen src="webplayer.html?load=AutoRetro.json&no_social"></iframe>

Firefox open the scene and it works perfectly .

On the same machine, Chromium shows the grey fallback image with this red sentence : could not load the scene .

When I export the same scene in html files, both browsers work fine ( except that I've got no sound in firefox …)

Dear B4Web team, have you got the solution ? or at least a clue ?

I work on a bodhi linux 3.2.1and my graphic card is an old nvidia GTX 260

And, I just made a test on another PC with 3 different json files : firefox loads the scene but here, it stops ( freezes ) between 90 and 94 % according to the file.
It works also perfectly on this machine with html files from the same blend files.

Thank you