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04 October 2015 13:48
Thank you again Yuri.

I was afraid i am too silly for finding the tip, but you confort me : it is just not implemented yet. That's all.

Never mind, i'll wait until it works if it's possible.

01 October 2015 12:58
Hi dear B4W team,

-> Yuri, since your last email, i've found time to load and test the new node editor for nla.

It's awesome !!! That's exactly what we wanted before instead of this old stack where it was so painful to insert a new slot in the middle ….

So thank to the team again, this is great !

Now my new problem is with shape keys.

I've tried to export an animation with shape keys controlled by a driver in an armature.
It doesn't work.
The rig works in the html export, ( i've even baked the action to have IK working correctly ) except for the shape keys.
The morph doesn't show.

So, I'v tried to bake each mesh concerned in "vertex animation", and then, in the export, it works.

BUT : The file has became hundred times bigger !!! unloadable on the web !!

So my question is : i've seen the examples where a slider can make shape keys work, but how to do it with the drivers from bones of the armature instead of a slider ? I mean, it doesn't need to be changed manually by the user, but to be animated in the nla after a select and play for example.

31 March 2015 15:34
Hi Yuri,

First of all, thank you very much for the promote of my work.

And thank the whole team of blend4web for this amazing and fantastic addon.

Since I'm not a developper at all, I've been wainting for a too long time the possibility of showing little interactive scenes through a web page and, most of all, without external plugin for the client such as java nor flash.

And you did it !!! And from Blender, what's even better !!!

So, again, thank you all very very much !!!

Now, we're waiting for faster connections between servers, waiting for better devices for everyone, in order to let them enjoy this huge improvement quickly, but all of these are coming in the next few years, let's hope it …

I am very glad you appreciate my little boat in the bottle, but have you seen my special B4W gallery ?

Here is the link :

Other B4W scenes

I'm a little prouder of the grammohone, and the gun toy too…

Hope you'll enjoy them.