User posts TheTyrant
31 January 2017 22:42
I have objects and subjects only and objects that work as links to create camera movement. If I were to rotate the scene before using one of these "links" the "Link" would be broken as in the node tree would be ignored until I reloaded the project. I figured it out though. Thank you for your response.
29 January 2017 01:08
Thank you, I sure will. I've been cramming Java basics for the past 3 days to get better at this. I'll look for the vid before the end of the weekend. You quick tut seems pretty detailed though. Thanx again.
25 January 2017 23:23
Hey guys,

First off, I love Blend4web. Easily my new favorite web dev platform. Its what I've always wanted.

That being said, I have an anchor question. I'm not seeing any info on the html element id aspect of the custom option. Am I to simply style and ID a div and it will be pulled into the anchor or is it something more than that, I need to do?

Also have I glossed over the means to mark the anchor as open initially or is that not possible? Java isn't something I'm extremely skilled at but I'm learning.
11 January 2017 04:37
Is there anyway to ensure that links aren't broken if the user rotates or interacts with an object that is not coded?

Should I should I set all the objects with a switch select node and lead them nowhere to prevent this?

Not sure currently how to fix it, Just know that there's away to prevent this.
06 January 2017 18:08
Thanx, still a lil shakey on Cycles nodes but I now know theres a limited ammount of textures per material. Helps a lot in the project planning
02 January 2017 18:46
Hi all, I've been working with B4W for roughly a week using blender 2.78a and B4W 16.12. I've been unable to get the skydive to work nor are there any cycles nodes available in my version. Do I need to dl a patch from Github or are there options I haven't toggled that allow these options? I've followed the tutorials but the results aren't visible. Has it anything to do with testing the html file over the JSON? These two things are a stumbling block.