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06 March 2018 05:24
Hi all,

Occasionally I make these realtime interactive 3D cartoons using Blend4Web (sort of like Homestar Runner). They follow a bunch of characters who live in a shared house together. This is a new one where they fight for dialup access. Take a look here!
10 February 2018 09:07
I have an animation playing that I want the viewer to be able to orbit around, but the camera target position needs to change throughout the animation. Basically I want the "SetCameraMoveStyle" node to get the target position continually. However, despite the target being animated in an NLA strip, the camera only focuses on its position on the first frame of the animation.
Is it possible to do this?
10 February 2018 08:53
I don't think B4W supports visibility keyframes to my knowledge, but another way to do this is with logic nodes. To have your object invisible initially, select "Hidden" under rendering properties. In the logic editor add a delay node for however long you want it invisible (it's in seconds so you gotta figure that out). Then connect that to a "Show Object" node. Before you export make sure the logic editor is activated.
Hope this helps!
03 January 2018 18:40
Hi Blend4Web Team,

Thanks for posting this article about Wheatbelt Castle. I just make these for fun, but it's very motivating to see that people are enjoying them as well as seeing the potential of realtime, interactive cinema. I'm currently working on improving the interface and interactive elements. New episode soon!

29 October 2017 06:55
Ah, that's a relief. Thanks, I just couldn't resist making one. The Nla support makes it so easy.
27 October 2017 17:55
That's strange. It appears to work on my side both chrome and firefox.
27 October 2017 13:12
Hi all,

I thought I'd share a little animation project I've been working on called Wheatbelt Castle. I'm still learning the ropes with Blend4Web and figuring it out as I go, so believe me it's not perfect. In case you're wondering the Wheatbelt is an agricultural district in Western Australia. The humor is quite off the wall, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. You can also download the Blend file on the website.
03 March 2017 04:43
Skeletal frame blending, Epic.
22 February 2017 04:19
Thanks Yuri, I've found a solution.

For anyone who may need to do this in the future:

Rather than trying to link from an iframe, I think it's better to create a custom app and modify the canvas container in the HTML to be the same size as an iframe (or do whatever you were trying to accomplish by using an iframe). That way the blend4web content will be part of the page rather than embedded and will redirect the entire page.

16 February 2017 18:20
I have set up page redirects in the logic editor of a project and have embedded it into an iframe on a html page. However, when links are clicked in the iframe they are not redirecting the entire page (only redirecting in the iframe). Normally it sounds like you can fix this with
<a target="_top" href="">Click me!</a>
or in JS = "";

But, In this case I'm not sure how to go about this as there's nowhere to input this. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!