User posts ToshiCG
26 January 2016 03:56
Awesome work guys. Blend4Web is a very well made tool and I think it will be great contribution to Blender's development as well.
12 January 2016 08:04
Actually, no… doesn't work or at least not reliably …
I was able to get it to work on a test object but not on the actual object I want to work with. Pretty frustrating.
It's also weird because the normal map shows correctly in blender viewport and when I render with F12…
12 January 2016 03:44
Yes, thanks for the help!

The new normal features sound good, Iooking forward.
08 January 2016 09:47
Actually I have an even more basic question - how I am supposed to connect a normal map properly in node mode?
Should I us the texture node's Value, Color or Normal?
08 January 2016 08:54
Hey guys, got two questions.

First question one is straightforward, hope there is a straightforward answer too.
When *not* using node materials there is a slider that controls the strength of the normal map. How do I achieve the same with nodes?

Second question: if I have two normal maps and want to combine there effects is there a way to do that with nodes? The thing is both normal maps use different uv sets so doing it in Photoshop is not an option.
11 December 2015 12:04
Thanks for taking the time to reply and sorry I couldn't make it clear right away.
I'll give more in depth description when I get back to work next week.
Thanks again guys!
11 December 2015 11:06
Hey sorry I can't provide the full scene but here it is what I am doing. Hope it makes sense.
Basically I have two planes - background and foreground - resized to fit in the frustum of the camera to create the feeling of an environment. In between I have 3d models.
It works but it's kinda hacky. Let me know if you guys have better ideas :)
You can see the setup on the left and the camera view on the right.
10 December 2015 10:59
Hey guys,

I am trying to make an application in which there are several layers which never interact with each other, so I was thinking that if I could overlay the input of several cameras that would be a clean workflow.
A common example would be making an interface overlay or in my case adding background and foreground elements that always stick to the camera.
Is this possible as of yet?
09 December 2015 04:44
Hey guys, good initiative. It will certainly help us develop our skills.
I'll join if I have the time and inspiration to come up with a x-mass idea.
Hope to see some cool entries!
30 November 2015 03:20
Good work guys! Keep up the regular updates!