User posts Vlad Korolev
01 March 2018 15:46
Подскажите пожалуйста, как нужно засетапить сцену в блендере, чтобы затем можно было спокойно менять панораму окружения? Как по крайней мере это сделано в файле code_snippets?
Надо настроить окружение в bleneder internal ( А ваши hdri надо cконвертировать в cubemap так сделано в change image
29 January 2018 12:05
Someone can help me to achieve this ?
Hi. You should selected all objects by Shift and with a clamped button Alt make the necessary settings active
19 January 2018 17:16
Can anyone help with what I'm doing wrong?
Hello.Maybe you forgot apply scale to object.If problem don't decided, please attached you test file
11 January 2018 17:52
i don't understand how i can bake from equirectangular image
Hi. Here's a video where Mikhail baked cubemap ( or not understandable specific step?
09 January 2018 11:20
why are they converging to a point below the waist
This feature is not supported.You can used simple parent to object, may be particle system.It's depending on the task
15 December 2017 18:55
If you want to use color texture, you should have grayscale picture(mask). This mask should be represented in the alpha channel of the colored texture. For this, split color texture into r, g, b, a in any graphics editor and
put your mask into alpha channel. Then compose your image back. Alpha channel have only png image.
Then you should use node configuration as on the attached picture.
You can use 2 textures: color and grayscale. But this variant will be not optimized.
15 December 2017 11:41
how can i change the cylinder color?

You can do it this way…Dynamically change colors signed in the picture
14 December 2017 14:40
last detail, i want the texture to keep original color
It's easy
14 December 2017 14:15
I want the image opaque, and the material transparent. So we can see the other side of the png through the cylinder.

Hi. I attached a correct example. if I've correctly understood the problem
06 December 2017 16:42
Hi. I attached an example