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18 September 2019 10:35
It seems that developers no longer respond to users. What happened to them? To developers: Get in the forum from time to time, so we understand if you're still there and, kindly, announce an updated date to see if we can test an alpha version of Blend4Web Studio shortly. Thanks

Francesco Sorrentino
30 August 2017 10:08
Excellent article by ArsTechnica:
Google’s ARCore brings augmented reality to millions of Android devices

The question is: Will Blend4Web be integrable/integrated with Google's ARCore SDK?


Official Google Post: ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale

AR Experiments


Francesco Sorrentino
30 August 2017 09:39
With Unity moving away from the needs of WebGL developers, now is the right time for Blend4Web to emerge! :-)

Francesco Sorrentino
16 November 2016 11:58
The english version will be soon.

It's a great news! Thanks.

Francesco Sorrentino
15 November 2016 17:25
Hi Andrey,
Is there an english version of Everest Panorama? I don't speak russian…

Francesco Sorrentino
01 November 2016 13:07
Thank you for this latest wonderful release!

Francesco Sorrentino
24 October 2016 17:38
Blend4Web beats Unity on all fronts! Great!!!!

Francesco Sorrentino
19 October 2016 20:27
Thank you, Andrey!

Francesco Sorrentino
17 October 2016 20:42
Hi Andrey,
When the other chapters will be released?

Thanks in advance for your reply

Francesco Sorrentino
09 October 2016 16:34
If I understood you correctly, this post contains an example of using procedural water. You'll just need to download the attachment :)

And yes, PRO version just contains some of our biggest projects and material library

Thank You for the attachment, Pavel. I just need an effect that mimics water flowing in a circuitous channel. I'll have to work a little to create it properly Similar to that present in Epic Citadel

Francesco Sorrentino