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09 June 2017 18:28
Firstly, i get target type camera transform and pivot at loading time and store it in variable.
I click on any object, firstly set my loading time camera position and pivot set with slow movement and then perform another task. Any idea above task.

08 June 2017 15:44
How can i get selected 3d object's local coordinate not world space coordinates?
any idea sir.
08 June 2017 14:15
Yes Sir,
When i move object, disabled camera controller, and when mouse up camera enable.
so, 3d object drag it in like as 2d view. but (dragging off) mouse up it takes 3d view.

it work but mouse movement not along with selected object coordinate.
I attach my html file, json and bin files with javascript code.
08 June 2017 13:31

I want to pick 3d object's local x and y coordinates when i click on 3d objects.

08 June 2017 10:29
sir, i tried but when i move backside it does not work and top and bottom position lock.
Any new method possible?

I am trying to solve my problem in new way.
code below:

var x = m_mouse.get_coords_x(e);
var y = m_mouse.get_coords_y(e);
var dx = x / 1000;
var dy = y / 1000;

m_trans.move_local(_selected_obj,dx, dy, -0.1);

but how can i calculate dx, dy and dz.

it work but calculation wrong according to mouse and object movement.
08 June 2017 09:44
When i move camera backside and try to move it can't move.

Thanks for response.
08 June 2017 07:47
Thank you for reply in detailed.
I implemented this but it doesn't work in some cases and some times. when i move screen backside it doesn't work properly.
and object vary front and it can't drop it in my target object.
This idea is not properly working as per my purpose.
Any other technique, idea for move object, please give me.

Thank you.
07 June 2017 18:57
Can i use m_trans.move_local(obj, dx, dy, dz) for moving objects according to mouse position?
but i can't undertand dx and how to calculate dx value? Any idea sir.

07 June 2017 14:30
Sir, i want to move object according to mouse movement in world space not plane.
In cartoon_interior.html example move it place surface, but i want to move object in any room any space.
07 June 2017 13:05
i write this line,

var point = m_math.line_plane_intersect(FLOOR_PLANE_NORMAL, 1, _pline_tmp, _vec3_tmp3);

it work perfectly. but i can't understand this 1 meaning.