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29 March 2016 20:19
Hi everybody !!!! I just received my Samsung vr gear and I can see that there`s a lot of potential. Does somebody have started working on that with Blend4web…..

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12 March 2016 14:17
I am creating a character with an animation in Blend4web. Is it possible to change an animation on the fly in my workflow without passing by Blender, directly with my html file ?


03 December 2015 16:58
Wow thanks a lot I will try to make that work…… Will it be possible to make me a little tutorial (if you have time) to how to do that because parser, api are all new words for me !!!! I am getting my feet wet with Blender and I am very please with the results I get from blend4web and my motion capture software… But I think I will need help with this step because I am not a programmer but I really want to learn…..

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03 December 2015 04:47
Thank you for the answer !!! I will study further this .blend file. My question is more I am making bvh files with my kinect. Is it possible you think to have my character in blend4web in a html format and changing the animation from the html file and not passing at all from Blender. animated character as html file ———>changing the animation with a bvh file————-> having a new animation with the original html animated file.

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30 November 2015 21:01
Ok !!!! Now I know how to animate a character with my html file exported with blend4web. Now my question : is it possible to change the animation. For example is it possible to retarget an animation in blend4web with the html file ?

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