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30 August 2015 10:49
Is there a way in the NLA script to have the page redirect open in a new page? I tried adding _blank to the address but unsurprisingly it did not work
29 August 2015 10:28
You are right. I will have to check out this new version. Attached a wireframe version. Strikes me that wireframe is more modern. I really enjoy working with your plug. I don't enjoy 3D as a rule. Thank you
29 August 2015 00:07
As is the rule on this site, I thought I would share my first attempt at a functioning model that has objects that link to other web pages. I hope it helps someone.
27 August 2015 10:34
Thank you so much for your swift replies. I rearranged the script and it works great.
I would like to congratulate you on this your amazing work. You have opened the door to a very interesting world for newbies like me.I believe that the future of blender is on the web and not just doing what autodesk can do better, for free. From what I understand Ton has understood that and will be going in that direction for the future releases.

So that I can really start to learn the app, should I learn a computer language like javascript? I work in TV broadcast so programming is non existent.

Thank you again
26 August 2015 22:40
I have just worked out that you that the NLA exclamation icon script slots needs you to type in the object name.
I have 4 objects in a scene, each that I would like to be a button around a central cube. I have set up 8 Slots, each is a select & jump then a page redirect.
If I click on the cube, nothing happens which is perfect. But if I click on any of the 4 objects around the cube, the page is always redirected to the first redirect page slot web address. I read in the manual that the slots are always top down but I figure that only the slot that has the selected object will be activated to go the defined target slot.
In short, what is the slot combination so that each of the selecting a certain objects jumps to the corresponding slot?
Please see attached screen grab.
Not sure if this is very clear.
Thanks again

26 August 2015 19:29
Thank you for the info. I have a read the manual but I am struggling to understand the way that the page redirect works. I can't find anything on the web on this topic that is not in russian. Do you have a more basic tutorial?
Thanks again
25 August 2015 18:04
I am total newbie and I am investigating this very interesting web solution and I was wondering if it is possible to add clickable web links to geometry? Also, can the blend4web json export be integrated into a three.js solution.

Many thanks