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10 June 2016 15:24
Hey Pavel, I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks for the advice, I'll implement that soon. Smoke might be a good idea, yeah, I'd thought about that too!

Yeah you're right, there's no camera movement in the visualeyezer scene. The thing that I really like about the page is how it instantly reacts to your cursor movement, without having to click and hold the left mouse button, which is how you would have to do it in the B4W player. Is there maybe an easy way of doing this in B4W? So the camera rotation would constantly be influenced by the cursor position, without the LMB having to be held down? I think that could be really awesome =)

I attached the blend file to this post, I'm sure there's loads of stuff wrong with it, I'm a really messy 3D guy, partly because most of what I do is kind of improvised and trial and error, without really having a deep understanding what's actually going on xD
Thanks for your offer of having a look into it, I'd really appreciate that, just try not to be too surprised or annoyed if it's a total mess, cause now you have been warned xD
Maybe you even find an explanation for why the buttons don't always react to clicking, I thought it might have something to do with them being curves, but that doesn't seem to be the problem - I can't think of any other reason :/

Thanks in advance, as usual =)


09 June 2016 21:27
Hey there,

I recently uploaded the website for my band that I built in Blend4Web, it's not quite perfect yet, but I think it's looking quite cool already, maybe take a look if you like ;)

The Menu to the right works, although one sometimes needs a couple of attempts at clicking on the words, for some reason. A different animation and camera ride is triggered by each of the words. I stole and tweaked your water texture by the way, Pavel :D
Let me know what you think :)

I've got another couple of questions, also:
1) I want to make a portfolio page in B4W now, and thought that it would be awesome if the content would follow the users cursor automatically, similar to this page here:
Is there an easy way of doing something like this in B4W?

2) I'd like to host the page with an addon for dropbox called DropPages. It uses 'markdown' to convert text files to html and somehow I haven't been able to host the band website through this. I basically just changed the .html into a .txt and uploaded that, but it didn't work properly…
with an approx. 2MB test file it did kind of work, but the B4W webplayer was displayed as a really small window/frame, and when trying to upload the large (ca. 40mb) final scene it wouldn't work at all - any ideas on how this could be done?

Thanks a bunch and kind regards!

20 May 2016 18:08
awesome, thanks =)
19 May 2016 23:25
Hey guys,

I'm just wondering if there is any way to get some mist going in a different colour than the sky, while using the procedural sky option. The procedural sun does not react to the mist, I suppose this cannot be set up any other way? That would be really cool!


06 April 2016 00:51

I've run into something that doesn't seem to make any sense to me, but it's probably just a simple thing that I'm missing as usual.
I've got an environment map loaded in my scene and the lighting works fine for objects that I create in the scene, but stuff that I append from other scenes always shows up after exporting as if it had a highly reflective , chrome style material, even when there is no material on the object at all.. this is really confusing.

I'll attach a .blend and .html of a simple scene to demonstrate the problem, if you could take a quick look at it that'd be awesome My project is slowly taking shape, I think it's going to be pretty cool
18 March 2016 18:28
Hey, thanks for your help =)

So there's no way of parenting an animated object to an armature at the moment? Strange, cause that's pretty much what I did in another scene - I'll attach the .html (guitar_parented.html). Here the guitar is parented to the hand and its animation works nevertheless (it's out of synch though -.-). Any idea why it might work in this case?

In the drummer's scene I've also got animation on the left hand's drumstick - I'll try your approach and make an extra bone for the drumstick that I can then animate.. kind of clumsy but maybe it'll work :D

If you've got any other/better ideas, hit me

Thanks man!
16 March 2016 22:48
Hey guys, me again.

Got a pretty similar problem to the one in my last post, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with trying to parent an object to my armature. I've already tried the fixes from your last (in that case very helpful) answer, like clearing the parent inverse matrix and parenting to a bone that has the 'deform' box ticked.
Could you help me out here and take a quick look at my file? I'll also add the .html, so you can see how the drumsticks are just randomly glitching around..

Thanks so much folks,

05 January 2016 20:01
Thanks man, I'll check that out right now. You guys rock!
05 January 2016 13:37
Thanks, Alexander, that's good to know!

One more thing..

I've been trying for ages now to get another animation of mine running in html, a similar one to the drummer from the beginning of this thread. The thing I can't work out for the life of me is how to get the animation of the guitar to export properly. It is parented to an animated figure and has a little bit of rotational animation going on.
But when I export the scene, the guitar's orientation changes completely - I have no idea why it's doing that.
I've attached the scene (guitar_parented.blend) to this post - if one of you guys could have a quick look at it, that'd be really great, I'm sure there must be some obvious mistake I'm making.

I've also tried baking the guitar's movement to keyframes, and although the guitar's orientation was fine that way, the figure's animation was now completely out of sync with the guitar's

this is really driving me nuts,

03 January 2016 19:59
Hey there, happy new year =)

Could you maybe give me a hint about how I could make the camera depend on the cursor position in a scene like Will's 'Hello World' project?

Thanks a bunch!

Will (another one :D )