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10 November 2015 19:42
Awesome, thanks.
His page is already pretty much what I'm going for, only that I would also want to have the viewer to be able control the camera panning.

10 November 2015 14:05

I'm not looking for a lot of interactivity really.
Do you know of any specific tutorials that you could recommend for getting into this?

10 November 2015 00:25
Hi guys, so I'm back again

So I've got a new project at university in which I'll be making a website for my rock band, and I thought I'd really like to use B4W for this.

The band is called 'Love the Bomb', like the subtitle of Stanley Kubrick's great 'Dr Strangelove' movie classic. I was thinking of doing a 3d animation of my band playing a song on top of a falling nuclear bomb, similar to the final scene in the movie. I've already got the animations done in blender, might be a bit large for B4W though.

I imagined it would be awesome to have the animation playing as a loop and having the website menu on top of that, similar to this pretty simple but awesome looking website:

What do you guys think, would it be possible for someone with no knowledge of making websites to do this in a reasonable amount of time? Or should I better stick with a 2d website template? :D

Cheers folks, hope you're doing fine!

21 July 2015 00:38
Yes, I was being unclear. I thought I might do some more work on it, but I'll leave it as it is for now. Maybe I'll use it for something else in the future..

19 July 2015 14:02
Cool, glad I could be of some help
18 July 2015 13:24
Thanks guys, real glad you like it!

I wouldn't have gotten anything at all done without your help, Pavel, so thanks again man

I might be doing another project with B4W next semester at university so you'll probably hear from me sometime in a couple of months (when I start running into problems again )

Edit: By the way, I got the thing running in firefox, too, now. I ended up using the mp3 format which seems kind of weird as firefox is not listed as supporting mp3 in the manual^^ but cool that it does anyway!

All the best and keep up the amazing work,


17 July 2015 10:58
Here's a first preliminary result
16 July 2015 18:38
Awesome I'll try that out immediately!

My Firefox is version 39.0. I'm running Mac OSX 10.7.5
Chrome is Version 43.0.2357.134 (64-bit)

As far as I can tell those are the up to date versions.

16 July 2015 18:01
In response to your .html: sadly I'm getting no sound from that file either
Same result as when I exported it myself.. thanks for trying though
16 July 2015 17:59
One more quick question, though^^

I'd be surprised if there was a solution for this, but I'll ask anyway:

The alpha mask setup for revealing objects that you showed me works great, as long as the object is upright.
But if I rotate the object the alpha mask obviously 'cuts off' the top of the object horizontally.
Do you know of any way to achieve a kind of 'diagonal' reveal, like the left text in the following pic ? I'm guessing the answer is no, which is fine, I'm just curious I'll just scale the text instead of 'revealing' it, in that case.

Thanks again