User posts Duarte Ramos
30 November 2016 21:49
I am also deeply concerned about this, I am not a Mac user, nor on on OSX, but having a mixed folder structure between 'binary' files/application data and user created content is a week point in the desing, I think.

Under Windows there is no such problem with overwriting files, but it certainly makes it harder and more error prone to upgrade.

It also forces you to use the pre-defined folder structure and store your personal files in the SDK location, where I would love to keep using my personal organized folder structure I can easily backup.
30 November 2016 21:45
Yes, having a configurable folder structure outside the Blend4Web SDK directory would be a huge plus for me too. In fact it is my main point of concern with using the SDK currently, and why I haven't really used it much at this point.

Having a mixed structure between 'binaries', or installation files/libraries/default application data, and personal user created content and projects is a week point of the design in my eyes. It is a security concern and makes upgrading harder and more error prone.

I have my own organized default folder structure in my PC where I store personal files, projects, and client work, and I would love to keep using it, independent of where I install the SDK and binary files, and without being forced into any pre-defined format

Would love to see some considerable improvements in this area in the future.
02 November 2016 22:25
Man, hadn't seen this in a while, this is getting more and more beautiful each time.

You should totally make a first person game with that beautiful setting.
You know, typical Hollywood cheesy action story. A mandatory paradisaical location, lots of VIPs, hostage situation, you go in alone, stealth style, save the "beautiful president's daughter", then guns blazing and save the day
14 January 2016 02:00
Great work guys, some really cool entries I had not yet seen. Congrats to all winners!
And thanks to all in the fantastic Blend4Web team for making this contest and for generously extending the third place spots.
11 January 2016 04:02
Fantastic little story, yadoob, really made want to spend winter in a cosy little wood cabin in the middle of nowhere
For all your struggles your game seems to be showing some pretty complex logic LukeVideo, fun little project you made there.
Congrats to both, may the best entry win!

Just a small update I attached my archive to this post with the source .blend file that was missing in the original file.
10 January 2016 02:14
Can't really add any more helpful insight about this other than I have also experienced crashes with Firefox under Windows while displaying Blend4Web content.
I keep it updated as new versions come out and it has happened with any of the recent releases (currently I am on 43.0.4) .

Curious thing is it only seems to happen with content from your website, I have left my own work opened for long hours and no crashed happened.
10 January 2016 02:05
Thanks guys glad you like it. Really eager to see what the most talented users of the forum will come up with.
Best of luck to all.
09 January 2016 06:49
Hello everyone, and happy new year. I don't think I'll have time to work any more on this, I would love nothing more than to refine it a bit further but until the contest closes I might have no opportunity again so I'll just post it now just in case.

Unfortunately I have encountered some serious problems with the logic editor that made it stop working as intended for no apparent reason between exports (high poly counts seem to scramble the "move to" node logic behavior?). Also my node trees seem to randomly disappear from Blender editor between work sessions from time to time, and even though I save and "Save as" frequently I ended up losing some work so I won't be able to post my "ideal" final solution since a considerable part of it vanished.

Anyway no more excuses, I was seriously considering not entering the contest because of "White Page Syndrome" but luckily some last minute inspiration hit me so I decided to participate anyway.
Since Christmas is already long gone, what better way to celebrate the new year than with it's visual representation? So I decided to create some sort of "Interactive Calendar" demo that represents the new year 2016. It's not particularly elaborate and it is actually my first time using Blend4Web in quite some time, and my first project with it since the introduction of the node logic editor. It really came a long way with numerous improvements ever since, it's been a joy using it.

Without further ado here is my entry fully made with Blender and Blend4Web, no textures used and all originally made by me specifically for the contest. Click on the labels to the left to navigate to the desired month, be sure to orbit the camera to get a look at the side view of it's "mechanical works". Nothing too fancy and not on par with the high standards set around here unfortunately, I am certainly not really expecting to win but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.

09 January 2016 03:22
Wow, looking great! Really like the cartoonish minimal flat style
08 January 2016 22:44
I was also working for the Christmas contest and although my node setup is also a bit complex I am also experiencing some severe lag even copy pasting values in fields.
Glad to see this can be improved.