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06 January 2016 15:53
I know that my set up of nodes isn't the simpliest, but!
I have weird lags while setting up these nodes (yes, it is going to be more complex)

I have 5 seconds lags while editing nodes in node editor:
Cutting Connections (CTRL + Left Mouse Button)
Making Connections (F, or just connecting nodes' dots)
Copying Nodes (SHIFT + D)
Moving nodes (G)

Can someone please check this out? Generated HTML runs at 60 fps, so why the node editor in Blender is so laggy (the scene in 3d viewport in Blender also works fine)?

Please Help!
05 January 2016 11:59
Thank you very much! : ) I just couldn't find that option, but I didn't even try to parent anything first.

Blender usually throw every checkbox even if it doesn't make any sence to the actual state of your project, so it's nice to hear that blend4web developers can do something in their own better way ; )

05 January 2016 03:57
I can not see where is the "Aligning objects" tool (for creating UI elements), and also definitly I'd like to see the very basic tutorial about that, please?

Thank you ; )
23 November 2015 12:15
Wow ;D Thank you very much guys! ; )
23 November 2015 10:48
@Ivan Lyubovnikov

No I can't ;D

I want the lamps with lights on my scene to work independently. Just like my window blinds and TV (you animate it by clicking green cubes nearby, check this out).

Please see my example ; )

Any better Ideas?
I'm using 15.11 version, but it still doesn't work. Maybe I set something wrong? But I don't think so ; (

Please, help!
Best wishes mates ; )
Waiting for your response

21 November 2015 21:23
Hi! ; )

I would like to animate point light via nodes. It will be nice if it would be definied by Bezier's Curve, but even just "ON/OFF" effect will make me satisfied. How to achive this?

I even tried "Show object" node, and disable render and showing in viewport options in Outliner, but the point light still effects the scene, before "show object" node is executed.

20 November 2015 16:20

I have no idea why those errors come out. I was working on armature animation, and everything was fine, I did so changes in Logic Tree but in my opinion it is fine, and somehow it crashes now while exporting.

I need to export this to HTML file.

Why is that ?

Please help!