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19 May 2017 08:24
hi there~

I found that b4w web contents does not work on google chrome version 58.0.3029.83(2017.4.20)

I've tried to open the contets on blend4web website

I use Samsung galaxy 8+ and my friend use galaxy 6, both not working.

I've tried to open goocreate webgl contents and sketchfab contents and they work correctly.

on my phone, samsung internet app is working very well as well as firefox.

and newest version of safari get crushed (previous version was never…)

you can check our contents(it might be very slow to load oversea cuz it's local test pc server)

can you guys help me to check why it happens please?
18 April 2017 11:14
I tried to keying Value in blender..

but how can I see that is animated?

I can't check on viewport and fast free view..

17 April 2017 18:13
hi~ is there a way to keying the node inside my material? like first frame blue and on 30rd frame white.

13 April 2017 04:42
Thank you for your help~!

I've tried that way too but always the camera goes out when i try to zoom out. haha..

hope to get some clue to solve it soon
12 April 2017 08:41

is there a way to prevent my target camera(panning mode used) to go outside of the area(selected cylinder in the pic below) without distance limitation?

08 February 2017 03:04
Hi good morning~!

I wonder how to design the scroll bar like what NASA did on their project.

the method that I found is below

seems it only works for chrome and safari.(NASA's scroll works on IE very well)

Please help me. it ruins my whole design

13 January 2017 12:05
is there a way to copy the rotation of camera to an object?

if is possible, can copy only the z axis?
13 January 2017 11:59
thank you very much!
11 January 2017 13:00
I'm using 16.11.0
10 January 2017 16:02
Hi there~!!

South Korea here

how can I set resolution factor when I export with html format??

and is there a way to hide setting button??