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11 June 2016 03:19
Thank you it solved
10 June 2016 11:14

I tried to follow below

Activate the Ambient Occlusion SSAO panel under the Render tab and set the Render Shadows parameter to AUTO or ON on the Rander > Shadows panel.

and clicked fast preview button

I can't see any AO on my scene

How can I enable it???
03 June 2016 03:16
Thanks for the amazing works~! All the best
11 April 2016 11:10
is there an any way to do action(like camera move) when I click annotation?


And is it possible to animate annotation(show and hide animation)
25 March 2016 03:09
18 March 2016 16:34
ya. Chrome, Internet App and facebook browser.

Attached file was in Chrome
17 March 2016 01:48
the link that I tested in this video
17 March 2016 01:37
Do you guys have any plan to support QQ browser?

One of my customer asked me about supporting QQ browser(we've checked on Mobile phone and won't loaded at all) because their major visitors are Chinese People and Most of them are using QQ browser.

The market of China is super big as you know and we can't ignore them for sure and I'm pretty sure that it will be a big benefit for you guys to support QQ browser.

16 March 2016 05:37
I tried to make it manually… but i took too much time…

How did you guys make this?
06 March 2016 14:13
How can I create PNG with Alpha channel?

On Creating an Animated Tortoise Part 1,

In order to optimize memory usage we packed the diffuse map and the specular map into one image (the specular map is in the alpha channel).

So I tried to create Alpha channel using photoshop and save as PNG file but it does not support saving Alpha channel.(8bit, 16bit, 32bit)

How did you guys create PNG contains Alpha channel?