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04 August 2017 10:51
Thank you very much :)
I'll try to adapt my existing animations to this kind of rig. The original animation was achieved with a Lattice and Deform-Modifier.
31 July 2017 19:04
Thanks for your reply

The problem is that I've to control the "activated" shapekey dynamicly.

I've attached my .blend file.

At the current State the Shapekey "frame_0005" for the two Objects is at Value 1. The baked Vertex Animation "Page_ANIM_Shrinkwrap" is also baked with active Shape-Key "frame_0005". Now when I hit a button another Shape-Key (e.g. "frame_0008") should be set on Value 1 and the vertex Anim for the object "Page_ANIM_Shrinkwrap" should play again.

This should be possible for any Shape-Key combination…

Thanks for your help
31 July 2017 18:30

is it possible to export both vertex animation and Shape Keys for one specific object? I can only activate one of those features at a time and the other will be deactivated…

My object has to start with a specific "Start-Deformation" (e.g. "Shapekey 1"), then a vertex-animation plays back and resets. Later the Start-Deformation changes ("Shapekey 2") and the vertex-animation plays again.

Does anyone know how to combine those features?

Thanks for your help :)