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15 February 2018 18:34
Thank you Alexander, Done !
14 February 2018 19:28
Hi All, i've a problem with this command

python3 -d /Applications/blend4web_ce/projects/my-project/ convert_pvr

i receive these error :
Couldn't find PVRTexTool.
Skipping PVR conversion.

According with the documentation, i've installed the PVRTexTool

an then i've tried to set a temporary ENV variable with : export PATH=/Applications/Imagination/PowerVR_Graphics/PowerVR_Tools/PVRTexTool/CLI/OSX_x86/

but after i try to launch the ptyhon3 ecc ecc….

i receive an error bash error python3 command not found.

I've also tried to set a persistent variable on .bash_profile but nothing.

There is someone that can explain me in detail the step that i need to follow in order t make it working ?

Thanks to all

08 February 2018 14:53
Oh Wow Perfect Thank you Nikita !!!
08 February 2018 14:01
Hi Nikita, Yes I use it, but i need shadows at the floor of the Environment, so i cannot use a shadeless option.
07 February 2018 13:50
Hi All, I have a little problem with my project.

I the project I have a mesh Dome where is projected an equirectangular image.

at the center of the dome there is a motorbyke. For project shadows of the bike at the floor of the dome, i've checked the receive shadows checkbox and all it's ok in terms of shadows but, I see the shadows of the mesh faces in the top part of the dome (see the screenshot). someone can help me to solve this effect ?

Thanks In advance, regards.
05 February 2018 20:16

In order to make it works after fix in build and deploy i recompiled the b4w.

just launch the in the script folder of the SDK.

Bye Bye
05 February 2018 18:07
I've talked too first :-( on the build and deployed project it does not work. Works only on the Dev project.

Someone can help me ?

Thank in advance and best regards.
05 February 2018 17:25
Thanks to my friend Михаил, that linked me the solution ! (translated in english :-D)

i've solved the rotate problem. here the solution :

posted by Konstantin Khomyakov :

In the SDK file src / addons / camera_anim.js replace
this line with

if (_is_camera_stop_rotating || Math.abs (e )>= Math.abs (angle_phi)) {

but this line on

if (_is_camera_stop_rotating || Math.abs (e) >= Math.abs (angle_theta)) {

This solution works really fine, now i can put negative radians in the rotate method !.

Remain only the Zoom in and Zoom Out problem.
05 February 2018 15:44
sorry for the push but, Anyone can help me to achieve this ?

I've almost finished my project but the only missing part is this :-(

Thanks in advance to all.

03 February 2018 11:57
Hi all, i've another super newbie question. Im looking for some html buttons that can rotate(left, right), Zoom (in/out) my target camera.

I've found the rotate_camera(cam_obj, angle_phi, angle_theta, timeopt, cbopt) method.

and ive impemented it it seems works fine on one side rotation eg :left but how i can invert the rotation eg right ?

here my piece of code :

function button_click_left(e) {
var cam_obj = m_scenes.get_active_camera();

it works fine and smooth but only in one direction.

And also someone can suggest me how can i use to zoom in and out the camera smoothly ?

and for the pan (left,right,top,down) ?

Thanks in advance for the support to all ;-)

Bye bye