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15 September 2017 12:59
我没有用过SolidWorks,参照这篇文章“Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Import and Render a SolidWorks Model”,可以在导出时选取VRML格式,设置单位为毫米,即可顺利用blender导入。


11 May 2017 19:23
Yes, v3ny.

I totally agreed with that b4w is only working on Edge browser. I said that due to Edge's support WebGL, that b4w demo page can run directly, and Microsoft Edge only has preview support for WebVR now.

As the "galaxy_explorer" demo, it's totally developed in unity and visual studio, it a native application for HoloLens. It's a different process with blend4web workflow. It depends on HoloLens's SLAM ability that you can go into the immersive galaxy.

But for opening b4w demo on a web page, it's like you can place several new windows in an immersive environment, each one has a 3D content. As open multiple Edge thread is allowed in HoloLens Windows, so you can place multi 2D windows at different space area.

Just a test for b4w.

For more HoloLens develop process, Microsoft gave out their workflow, all for unity. I have test one, it's complicated and at present can't be easily used by designers.
Here are the links:
12 April 2017 17:13
Hi, Yuri, it's my pleasure. I'd like to Explore more possibilities of Blend4Beb.
11 April 2017 15:21
Just suffered the blend4web site on Microsoft Hololens’ Edge browser, due to Edge's support WebGL, most of the official demos can run directly with small shortages.
It's an interesting experience to play blend4web demo on Hololens.

Demo car_bv_eb164 Screenshots:

Demo Space_disaster Screenshots:
The Space disaster demo can't rotate the camera.

03 January 2017 12:09
Fantastic work!
23 June 2015 10:45
Mikhail, Thanks for help! That's what I want, your example really helped me! I'll keep learning blend4web, it's really amazing!

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Hello and welcome!

Do I understand correctly?
19 June 2015 07:49
I have used a video texture in a scene, what i need is make this texture have transparency, is there some way to make this happen?