User posts indan
13 June 2017 09:30
I have not found an example of that which works well with the current version of blend4web. Do you have one, where I can put html element?
13 June 2017 09:24
Like the canvas texture with earth image in code snippets

img.onload = function () {
ctx_image.drawImage(img, 0, 0, ctx_image.canvas.width,
ctx_image.fillStyle = "rgba(255,255,255, 0.9)";
ctx_image.font = "25px Arial";
ctx_image.fillText("He1llo, World 1!", 50, 40);
13 June 2017 09:23
Is there any way to change the text dynamically? I mean the only way i can find is with textures and putting text on an image…
And that does not sound good
13 June 2017 09:18
How can i change the text dynamically? what is the API?
13 June 2017 09:03
can i do it through api/dynamically?
13 June 2017 09:02
can you give a detail example on how to do it?
13 June 2017 09:02
first one?
12 June 2017 16:51

How do you put text objects directly in multiple sides of a mesh? I can't find any tutorial explaining this!
07 June 2017 09:31
I can't get any web page to be embedded on the cube…
07 June 2017 09:30
can you please send me the zip for the new version ?