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02 June 2017 10:07
When I am taking the latest version of b4w.min.js , it's throwing error - Wrong object name

and if i try to load the json to a new version - its throwing error - the json is too old to be used with the new version.
24 May 2017 11:57
Hi @Konstantin Khomyakov,

your version of code does not work with the latest version of blend4web.js. Can you help me to update it?
11 May 2017 14:16
Thanks a lot @Konstantin Khomyakov.

I am trying with your code and will let you know if I need more help
10 May 2017 12:21

Is it possible to embed one iframe into a cube? The iframe will show an external web page data/charts.

So in one side of the cube - it will show some charts which will be dynamically changing