User posts Luigi Verri
03 February 2016 20:17
thanks for the answer! my problem occurs when I have png images and alpha blend at 0 in order to use the image alpha like this:

In this case I'll use an alpha clip but the trick of a ghost object works like a charm too!

thanks again
03 February 2016 19:38
Dear friends
we found out that when an object has Alpha < 0.5 it's not selectable anymore (even if the selectable check is on). In order to reproduce the anomaly just flag Enable Outlining and Outline on Select

It happens only with the Sort and Blend Alpha type.
With the Alpha Clip it behaves as expected

Thank you very much
02 February 2016 13:09
Thanks a lot! that's perfect!
28 January 2016 17:10
We have not been able to find a way to invert the rotation of the eye camera in order to simulate the classic dragging behaviour of mobile devices (looking at the environment as into a photosphere or similar)
So we came up with this solution by editing the Camera.js code for our needs and by recompiling the engine…
The affected code portion in the B4W 15.11 is as follows:
exports.rotate_eye_camera = rotate_eye_camera;
function rotate_eye_camera(obj, phi, theta, phi_is_abs, theta_is_abs) {
    var render = obj.render;

    // prepare delta angles
    var d_phi = phi;
    var d_theta = theta;
    if (phi_is_abs || theta_is_abs) {
        var curr_angles = get_camera_angles(obj, _vec2_tmp2);
        if (phi_is_abs)
            d_phi = -(phi - curr_angles[0]);
        if (theta_is_abs)
            d_theta = -(theta - curr_angles[1]);

    if (d_phi || d_theta) {
        var rot_quat = m_quat.identity(_quat4_tmp);

        if (d_phi) {
            var quat_phi = m_quat.setAxisAngle(m_util.AXIS_Y, -d_phi/2, _quat4_tmp2);
            m_quat.multiply(rot_quat, quat_phi, rot_quat);

        if (d_theta) {
            var x_world_cam = m_util.quat_to_dir(render.quat, m_util.AXIS_X, _vec3_tmp);
            var quat_theta = m_quat.setAxisAngle(x_world_cam, -d_theta/2, _quat4_tmp2);
            // NOTE: render.quat->x_world_cam->quat_theta->render.quat leads to 
            // error accumulation if quat_theta is not normalized
            m_quat.normalize(quat_theta, quat_theta);
            m_quat.multiply(rot_quat, quat_theta, rot_quat);

        m_quat.multiply(rot_quat, render.quat, render.quat);

It would be nice if you cold implement something similar or better and add a checkbox in the addon to enable this feature

Thanks a lot
Cineca VistLab team
21 January 2016 14:45
Wow. Super!
Thank you for your valuable work.
20 January 2016 21:20
thanks a lot for the support

20 January 2016 18:35
Hello Blend4Web team! this is my first message here and i wish to submit you a strange behaviour with the Switch Select node
please find in attach a simple example

There are 6 tiles mapped with a Switch Select to 6 different redirect (Blend0Web, Blend1Web…)

The error happens when there are many cases in the Switch Select node. In this particular example when you click on the tile2, you get the page redirect to and viceversa with the tile4 the is triggered

keep up the really good work!