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11 November 2020 11:19
Still not ready :( with 2.8 ?
05 June 2017 18:59
Yes, thank you. I did not set the dynamic geomety and materials.
Now js continue but

print.js:73 B4W ERROR: Material "mat_node_rgb" was not found in the object "Cube.001".
How should I create the required material? I was trying to follow this example

B4W ERROR: RGB node "RGB" was not found in the object "Cube.001".
26 May 2017 20:17
In my blend file I did tried to change the material with

var group_5 = m_scenes.get_object_by_name('group_10.002', m_scenes.DATA_ID_ALL);
m_mat.set_nodemat_rgb(group_5, ["mat_node_rgb", "RGB"], 0, 1, 0);

but I get

The type of the object "group_10.002" is not "MESH" or it is not dynamic.

Any idea please ?
26 May 2017 19:18
yes seen in the console … B4W WARN: negative scale for object "group_8.019", can lead to some errors
Readed that you need to apply rotation and scale for objects in blender but in my case I get cannot apply to a multi user object "group1", mesh "mesh1" aborting….

Fixed this by making then not multi user and then was able to apply rotation and scale
26 May 2017 18:14
Is this supported ?
I did created 4 arrays of lamps parented to 4 planes in the corner of the building.
In blender is rendered ok but the export is not showing all the lamps effect :)

With kind regards

26 May 2017 07:38
Maybe you can have a look to see better what happen here.
Please see the blend attached and what is exported from there.

25 May 2017 20:33
I do created a building and I did mirrored each apartment , then each side to obtain a floor level.
I did exported through DAE to blender where, after I placed some light I've got what can be seen in the right bottom side…

Somehow mirroring in Sketchup with a scale of -1 (that's how is to be done) is inversing something and the correct result shown in Blender is wrongly exported !

Can you check this to see why is it happening or how could be fixed ?

With kind regards

29 April 2017 18:12
After rendering main_canvas_container get rendered with a style of width:320px;
If I remove in firebug the width, then it takes all the expected width, but if I try to remove the height, everything including the width is put back on 320px respectively on the initial value

Any idea why or how to prevent this happening ?
29 April 2017 18:02

I still have a similar issues so I've thought to add here a short description.
I do try to integrate an exported html which work ok in adminlte theme

<section class="content">
<div class="row">
<div id="main_canvas_container" style="width:100%; height:100%;" class="col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">

tried also without adding like

<section class="content">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-12 col-sm-12 col-xs-12">
<div id="main_canvas_container"></div>

but in both case I just got a smaller rendering area than I was expecting

Can you see where I do wrong
21 April 2017 17:00
Thank you very much
Roman Sementsov

Now it works nice !

What would be the best aproach to to present same animation in a smaller div ?
Should I change the css as I do with the web pages for div with id main_canvas_container ?

With best regards