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27 February 2017 18:10
Python 2.7.1 (r271:86832, May 5 2016, 05:42:33) [MSC v.1600 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
27 February 2017 18:08
178280 unhandled win32 exception in python.exe
27 February 2017 18:08
Blender 2.78 and blend4web latest both downloaded / upgraded today in user preferences …
Windows 10 64 bit and Python 2.7 installed.
Any hints please ?
18 April 2016 19:40
sounds good thx ! I will try
17 April 2016 22:22
how do you mean "create plane with "Do Not Render" checked on it" ?
15 April 2016 13:06

I have a sphere and the image for example contains some faces and when I click on a rectangel - similar to face detection facebook or so I will arrive to a profile page of the person.
15 April 2016 12:22
Probably many of you created 360 images.
I am wondering if there is any way to attach click events to certain parts of the projected image before 360 and then in the 360 image to be able to click or highlight that areas and jump to a web page ?

With kind regards
16 March 2016 22:04
Yes thank you !
Also needed to flip normals to go inside the spere and everything was ok !

Thank you very much for your help Ivan
15 March 2016 19:11
Is it an HTML export Ivan.
I did uploaded a zip file containing the html and the video file here: link

Can you please have look and maybe advise afterwards ?

With kind regards

14 March 2016 21:44
Thank you for suggestion !
I did the changes, also moved the video in the same folder, re-assigned the texture and re-exported than opened the html in broser and got

both in the same folder
360.html is the exported file same folder too

Invalid URI. Load of media resource failed.