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03 March 2017 20:59
Hello there,

Lets say i have an object where i successfully create some random spots on it as in picture 1.

What i'm about to ask is if there is way i can then link some of those spots together as i show in picture 2.

Thank you!
27 February 2017 12:55
Hello Evgeny and thanks for your time. Finally the mistake was mine, i was using wrong picture for the texture. I changed it to .png and works fine!

Thank you
25 February 2017 17:34
I'm attaching the two photos again so you can see the difference. Picture 1 is the normal one from RayTest example. Picture 2 is my example from a new blend file.

What im doing is:
1) Add->Mesh->Plane
2)Add new Material -> Add Texture in Material Created
3) Add picture to the thexture
4)Scale the plane obj to another smaller size.

The result should be a yellow spot like the picture 1 but it returns a square like in picture 2.

Thank you
24 February 2017 19:43

In Ray Test blend file i've realized that there is a mesh->plane obj created with an image named decal as texture. The result is the yellow dot created on mouse click shown in the picture below:

I've tried to do the same thing on a new example but the result is that the plae obj i create remains as a square and not like a dot. Why is that?
22 February 2017 13:28
Thank you very much for your time, i will try what you suggested and come back.
20 February 2017 15:46
Hello again,

Ray Test code works just fine with object physics on a cube i created inside blender. Then, after i imported my obj i followed your instructions and i enabled material physics but the error occurred.

Here is the link with my blender file, can you take a look and let me know if you find anything strange?

Thank you

Url: link
19 February 2017 02:29
I've followed your instructions and the following error appears in the console:

Sorry for all those questions but i really need this to work and blend4web is my only hope.
17 February 2017 20:35
Hello and thank you for your reply. First of all you mean enable material physics of my Obj and not the plane obj created for adding the spot. Is that right? Secondly what if my Obj does not have any materials?
16 February 2017 19:49
Hello again, as i followed your instructions i came up to the follow "problem". I'm attaching two images so i explain the difference:

In the above picture there is a cube added from blender. Using the ray Test example i'm adding some spots on the obj.

In the second picture i'm importing an obj in blender exported from mesh lab. After doing the same procedure with the first example the spots on this obj seems not to be attached to the obj but stay a distance away. Maybe z axis?

Any ideas why this is happening?
Thanks in advance
15 February 2017 14:17
Hello there,

On a previous post of mine , , i was asking how i could take the real coordinates of a mouse click so i could add a spot on my obj. This happened thanks to Ray Test example!!! After this, i mean after adding some spots-flags on my obj i wanted to "save" them to stay on the object.

So , i thought after on_click on the container take those clientX, ClientY that mouse_cb function needs to run and store them in a database. I made a replica of mouse_cb function waiting for parameters (x,y) and i give those parameters after pulling them from the database. I repeat call mouse_cb for all my spots-flags in the database. This works fine but another problem appears.

The problem is that ClientX, ClientY depends on the client's screen, the current zoom, and the camera's position. So if i run the app from another pc (with different screen dimensions or differnet zoom) the spots appears in different position or not at all.

So, which is the most proper way to achieve that? I hope i explained it well. Ask me for anything you didnt understand.

Thank you