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28 May 2015 19:52
I am using a Nvidia Quadro fx5800; on Windows 8. I am actually using Waterfox, which is a 64bit variant of Firefox.

My Board is an ASUS P8-Z77-V-LK; with a 3.5 Gigahertz Q3770 intel Processor: with 32Gigbytes of DDR3 Ram.


Another note; it did not seem to crash immediately . . .
It seemed that perhaps it might be a memory leak issue; that would occur after being open for several minutes.
28 May 2015 02:23
Just a head's up . . .

I am not sure what is causing it; but it seems if I leave the Blog Announcement for 15.05 open in Firefox; it crashes the browser. This happens even if the browser is running in the background. Not sure if it were the Glow demo that was embedded; but that would be my first guess . . .
27 May 2015 20:35
THANK YOU!!! For Dynamic Reflections . . .

This has been a huge one to mark off of my wishlist!
29 April 2015 20:15
I have been away for a while; busy with unrelated things . . .

The newest version looks promising. I looked at your example "Code Snippets"; and was especially interested in the Materials API. I have a suggestion; though I don't know how feasible it might be at this point:

It would be great if there were a way that you could create a realtime interactive slider/numerical entry; for each of the material settings that effectively work with Blend4web. Even if it were a separate browser run program (Suchas as your Code Snippets" Example); that could allow a user to develop a material in realtime; and see directly how it would interact as an HTML output. Perhaps it could export a simple text file; that could be imported into Blender and converted to a Material. I realize this could be a can of worms; when it comes to some of the more advanced approaches using nodes; though for basic materials, it could be a huge help & productivity booster.
08 February 2015 04:28
I have both an iPhone 5s as well as an iPad mini 2. It happens on both when I try to access the html files through Dropbox. I think it may be because a "tap" while using the Dropbox app triggers a hide/show function for the file & folders in Dropbox.

Sorry I did not reply sooner; it might be helpful for you guys to make email notifications the default for users who post in the forums; and let them decide later if they need to unsubscribe from a specific thread. I often forget to "click" on the "Subscribe to Updates" option.
30 January 2015 03:42
Thanks for pointing me to the chart on the downloads page. I see it now. Just figured that it should also be pointed out in the release notes with each release as to which version of blender is supported.
29 January 2015 21:16
The more I look at this the more I think that it may be working as designed; but still perhaps confusing to users.

Here is a proposed solution that I feel would make it less confusing:

When someone presses the "Pause" button and it then shows the "Play" icon; the "Play" icon should be a strobing icon such as grey slowly flashing on and off; to show that the button is actively "Locked".

The Turntable or "Rotate" button seems to work or not work depending on whether the Play/Pause button has been pressed while the Scene was in Rotation mode. Perhaps anytime the scene has been Paused; and someone presses the "Rotate" button again, it should start rotating and automatically switch the Play/pause button as well.

-Also- If someone hits the Pause button either one of two things should happen:

1) the buttons should stay pinned open (with the flashing play/pause icon),


2) the buttons collapse; but the single button in the lower right hand corner changes to the Flashing "play/pause" button until pushed. Which then restores the normal "settings" icon.
29 January 2015 20:48
Looking at this a bit further; It seems that sometimes hitting the Play button after hitting pause can reinstate the 3D navigation. Though sometimes it seems to not return; and also hitting the rotate button multiple times does not restart the scene rotating. I am not sure if this was the way it was designed or if this is just a new glitch.
29 January 2015 20:43
It seems that sometimes the 3D navigation locks up; this can be produced by hitting the "rotation" button: followed by hitting the Pause button next to it. It sometimes has different responses; say if you hit ther rotation button twice: it might work. But I think we should all assume that users on the World Wild Web, will be overly anxious to press every button just for the sake of trying it out.

Also, in Safari it seems that the Fullscreen button has no effect. It does seem to work in Firefox however.
29 January 2015 18:13
Looking through the release notes, I did not see any confirmation that v15.0 is compatible with Blender 2.73 which is the most recent release. Perhaps this should be appended.