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21 March 2016 04:16
I read how to make enviroment map in blender internal here : How can I make enviroment map if I use blender cycle
18 March 2016 17:33

Ответ на сообщение пользователя Mikhail Luzyanin
Try to use Alpha Add as type of transparency.
Thanks you, it work
18 March 2016 16:50
I have the blue sphere and green cube, both have transparent with alpha 0.3. The sphere have the Z Offset set is 0.1 and the green cube is 0. I only see the cube through the transparent cube but not vice verse. Is it possible to see the sphere through the cube and the cube through the sphere at the same time?

17 March 2016 15:15
ok, thank you
17 March 2016 07:32
I have a plane named Plane, and a transparent cube object name BlueCube. How can i make the Plane reflect the BlueCube object like the plane reflect the sphere and red cube?

Blend file

20 February 2016 18:21
I will fix it, thank b4w team
19 February 2016 23:29
I isolated the object that does this error on scale when display it on viewplayer of b4w sdk
Here is my updated image, first is the blender 3dview

And second is the viewplayer when I click the fast preview button

The traffic light show that have some warning, and see that there are 1 warning that say: B4W WARN: non-uniform scale for object BezierCurve

Here is my .blend file link

Please let me know how to fix it
19 February 2016 21:59
This is the object in the 3dview of blender

but when I click the fast preview button, this object seem to have failed scale
26 January 2016 04:28
I think the conversion feature from material of cycle or blender internal to material of blend4web is also important