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31 May 2017 11:17
Hi guys,
I have a project which is working flawlessly at my end but I am getting reports of 'Rats WEBGL hit a snag' from someone else who is testing the project.
Has anyone encountered this and is there anything I can do to rectify the issue?
19 May 2017 21:48
Thank you so much for the detailed response Konstantin. :-)
I will follow your instructions and let you know how I get on.
19 May 2017 16:23
i may be doing something wrong in the initial set up in the project manager.
19 May 2017 16:23
Hi Konstantin,
Thank you for the reply. I thought I had exported it correctly. Sorry.

Here is the link to the project files.

19 May 2017 13:20
Do you need the blend file too?
19 May 2017 13:09
Thank you for the swift response.
Please find the wip here:


When the user clicks on the AR in the middle, the colour wheel starts to spin which is fine but I want to be able to do this (and many more exciting things) from a html menu UI like the SPIN AR button.

I have set up the SPIN AR button as directed i the thread above. When clicked, it should rotate the AR in the middle of the logo.

Thank you so much for any help you are able to offer.
19 May 2017 11:47
Hi Guys, I am following this as above but it is not working and I keep getting this message in my console:

TypeError: m_logic_n is undefined[Learn More]

I am sure I have done something wrong somewhere but I can not figure it out and it is driving me nuts.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
12 December 2014 15:46
Thank you so much for everything.
I have just added a normal map and it is working exactly as I wanted it to.

Blend4Web is so amazing and you guys have also helped me to level up my Blender material node skills too.
There are so many possibilities with these fantastic Open Source tools.
12 December 2014 15:22
Thanks Pavel,

That fixed it.
12 December 2014 13:25
Hi Yuri,

Here it is. Not pretty but it does illustrate the issue.

Thank you.