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11 December 2014 17:27
It looks pretty straight forward now.
Thanks so much for the node examples.

I just tried throwing a texture and a normal map in the mix though and it broke it.
My dreaded pink friend returned!

I hooked a texture map up from the UV output on geometry, added a Mix node, hooked your set-up into color 1 and the texture into color 2 then into the Material. It shows up in editor but turns pink when exported to html. How do you add a normal map and texture map into the mix without breaking things?

Thank again,

11 December 2014 13:24
Hi Pavel,

Thank you so much. That did the trick!

Is it the same method for environment maps?

Kind Regards,

10 December 2014 15:40
Thank you Yuri.
I look forward to it.

This will improve my output massively.
10 December 2014 14:58
Hi Guys,

What is the simplest way to add matcaps to a Blend4Web scene object.
I am struggling a bit.

I can normally figure most things out on my own but this has got me.
I thought I had cracked it this morning but the object appeared pink in the html output.

Many thanks in advance.