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03 November 2015 06:59
Is there a code snippet in the API that can let a user upload their own image to a canvas texture on an object?
I feel like that should be pretty simple but I can't find it in the manual or the forum.

My follow up question would then be, if i wanted the user to be able to transform the image they uploaded specifically in size and x and y coordinates, would the canvas texture even work? or even be able to update in realtime?

13 February 2015 06:50
Very Nice! It's great to see so much dedication to the users.

Related to 1st person and games in general, any plans on what the next game tutorials will be about? We have seen an FPS style game as well as a 3D platformer can be done, what's next? Or are there certain game mechanics we can hope to see up next?
11 February 2015 09:17
Yep thats it, thank you!

My js file was calling mouse.enable_mouse_hover_glow without there being any selectable objects in my scene.
10 February 2015 16:53
I am getting a strange error in the console everytime the cursor moves over the 3dcanvas element:
Color picking is not available b4w.full.min.js:231
a.error b4w.full.min.js:231
a.pick_object b4w.full.min.js:484
l b4w.full.min.js:1632

I haven't once touched the b4w.full.min.js file and I've torn through my code but I can't figure out what it is, is this be a bug?
10 February 2015 06:12

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Looked through it. Nice controls. But logic can be a little more straightforward. We'll publish a short tutorial on a Firstperson this week. It'll describe controls and physics setup for environment. So I hope it'll cover the most of your needs.

Very Cool, looking forward to it.
09 February 2015 05:30
To build on this topic further, I've been playing with fps controls using the Pyatigor's Tale demo, trying to get more typical fps controls working.

I've so far go strafing and diagonal movement down, but strangely, when i, for example, push down the forward and left keys at the same time, as soon as I key_up, movement stops all together. I'm pretty sure the issue is in switch case statement, but I don't know.

I attached folder in case anyone wants to play with it.

Also the devs are gonna publish a tutorial on fps control soon anyway, so I'm not worried about this.
09 February 2015 03:56

You have to have the modified pointerlock.js module called (or required) from your main js file.
Look something like this:
var m_plock = require("pointerlock");

as well as link that module (script) to your html file:
<script type="text/javascript" src="pointerlock.js"></script>

Hope that helps :)
05 February 2015 03:08
Cool to hear, Ill be looking forward to it, thanks guys!
04 February 2015 08:45
Would it be too much to ask you guys to release your code on first-person controls, like from the Farm Demo. I know you are probably working on a tutorial, but I think a lot of people on the Forum would like to see it, including myself .

04 February 2015 07:46
I wanted to make my own custom "Could not initialize WebGL" window. I can't find any documentation on this, what is the proper method?