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08 January 2015 12:20
Ok, so I have a simple scene with a target camera looking at a tall object. Viewing this object from top to bottom is not ideal when the camera target location is an xyz coordinate.

Camera Target location:

Camera constrained to shape:

Is there a way to constrain the camera to a line shape (spline) like in ^this^ image. Basically so that the camera can freely rotate around the object but also translate up and down. I'm aware of the new hover move style in the camera module, which is like a camera constrained to a plane, so i don't think I can use that for this. I should also specify that I want to be able to control this with just the mouse so it easier for mobile.

Or am i just approaching this wrong? Would this be easier to do with the animation module or something else?

08 January 2015 03:24
I noticed the december update added enable_mouse_hover_glow under the mouse module. I know you guys did that juuuust for me :). But seriously thanks!

Anyway, Is there currently a way to have more control of the hover glow? say like glow color just like in the scene module?

Thanks again!
08 December 2014 04:35
Hello I'm fairly new to using the Blend4web addon, and I've been exploring the NLA editor to see what it's capable of regarding interactivity. I understand that mouse_down events work with selectable objects. But is there any solution for mouse hover over (mouse_over) within the NLA editor? Or is this just better solved with a bit of code?

I've been making some interactive content using three.js, but as a long time 3d software user I would love to have more control from blender directly.

Three.js mouse_over event example

Example using Blender Logic Editor

Thanks in advanced!