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25 September 2015 17:40
Hi, the option I am trying to find is the 'Selectable' check box outlined in the 'Creating an interactive web application' link featured above. If this menu has been diffused into the surrounding tabs, could you please direct me to this segment to allow individuals to 'select' functions of the interactive feature?

In regards to my HTML conundrum. The website development programmes I am use to working within do not host external HTML or JSON content. This is why I was curious if I could render out an interactive feature from B4W into a pure coded format and sub it into the HTML addition panel in these programmes. This way, I could still host the content on the website servers and adjust segments to affect the interactive content as needed with additional Javascript. Alternatively, I would have to source another host server in order to individually host this content before subbing it into the iframe feature on the websites server. If this is the case, any recommendations for free hosts?
25 September 2015 15:11
Hi, I am hoping to introduce further JavaScript mortification to a feature contained within Blend4web's frame coded feature. I just wish to ask if anyone could recommend any decent (newbie) JavaScript forums which would be knowledgeable about applying modifications to this iframe feature? Thanks
23 September 2015 20:39
In regards to the missing tab, I have indeed switched to the Blend4web render engine. The Blend4web subtab just simply doesn't make an appearance within the Object Tab.

With the iframe window, does the HTML page need to be hosted online in order to feature within this framework? Is it possible to simply export the scene as code and place it within the iframe coding under a specific line or is this too much hassle? That way, I could theoretically edit the final code with javascript lines as I get more fluent. Sorry for all of the newbie questions…
22 September 2015 19:15
Hi, I'm currently trying to pursue the proposed "Webmasters! 3 Ways to 3D Web" solution. I have a HTML file created for this framework coding and am curious about the "no external dependencies" feature of this Blend4web method. Can I query for further information on how to host the HTML content in this self-sufficient manner in order for it to be accessible via iFrame? Also, in regards to the alternative method, I cannot seem to locate the Blend4web tab in the objects segments. Is there an external setting I have neglected to tick for this option in order to make the interactive feature 'Selectable'?
21 September 2015 18:36
Neat, Cheers!
17 September 2015 17:53
And this translation of scene data will then allow additional manipulations to the JSON coding thereafter? Thanks for your help!
17 September 2015 17:49
Can this process assign control for the features movements to a users mouse cursor for an interactive element? Thanks
16 September 2015 18:57
Just a quick newbie question; Can someone tell me how I can attain the html coding from a Blend4web exported file? I want to sub it into a websites html app in order to potentially further manipulate the coding for further visuals using javascript? Thanks.
15 September 2015 18:51
Hi again,
Just another quick query; I've created a Lattice object which is designed to slide over a plane in order to deform its surface. I am trying to export this feature [for interactive purposes] with Blend4web but cannot seem to figure out how to export this animation component. What I am trying to do is to simply assign this Lattice objects deformation functions to a viewers cursor movements in order for them to take control and deform this object. Any ideas on how to export this feature for web applications?
15 September 2015 15:16
Hi, thanks for the welcoming!

I didn't actually see this setting for the Hover camera. It looks great within the Dairy Plant demo and I don't mind the slight inclination it introduces to the planes perspective. Is there a specific option within the Hover camera settings I have to check in order to experiment with this feature? Thanks