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28 September 2017 05:19
Hmm ok do you guys recommend another technique to use 360 video with interactivity that would work on most mobile phones including iPhones?

And yes I do get Low/High/Ultra Quality when viewed on a desktop machine.
27 September 2017 04:36
Hey there we have a project coming up soon showing what rural hospitals were like in Australia 100 years ago. Basically it will be 360 videos/animations with hotspot buttons that link to other rooms or closeups of medical instruments.

The client also wants it running on mobile phones and the web for desktops, so looks like blend4web could do that job, so I did a quick scene with Suzanne (the monkey head) and a Sun light exported as html. When I view it on a desktop machine I get the Stereoscopic option, but when viewing it on a iPhone (iPhone 4s and 7, Safari) I don't get that option (or the VR option). When viewing it on a Samsung Galaxy S7, Chrome I do get the Stereoscopic and VR option (but it only works on the Low Quality setting).

Am I missing something?

30 October 2015 03:50
Ah sweet I haven't used billboarding before but that works exactly the way I wanted.

Thanks again.
29 October 2015 07:01
Hey guys,

so I'm guessing the "Track to" constraint isn't implemented into Blend4web yet am I right?

Any ideas on what I could do if I want text to stay pointing at the camera when a user is moving the camera around?

Thanks in advance.
15 October 2015 04:14
Just wanted to say from a newbee on here what great next day support this forum has.

Thanks for all your help so far blend4web team!
15 October 2015 04:13
Ok thanks Pavel.

That worked!
15 October 2015 04:12
That's it thanks for that Mikhail
15 October 2015 04:12
Hehe sneaky!

Ok I'll give those a go.
14 October 2015 08:03
How do you guys handle 3d object buttons getting cropped in small browser windows

eg on one browser it might look like this

but on a smaller browser window it might look like this

especially with scaling websites these days.

Thanks in advance.
14 October 2015 04:28
Thanks for that Mikhail,

ok I gave it a go. But it seems when I have two buttons (red and green), where red should hide and reveal the redCube (but also reveal the greenCube if it was hidden) and where green should hide and reveal the greenCube (but also reveal the redCube if it was hidden) is a bit buggy.

eg if you select the green button (which hides the greenCube), then select the red button it reveals the greenCube and hides the redCube (as it should) but when you click the green button again you need to click twice to hide the greenCube (which shouldn't happen). Sorry for my lack of coding knowledge but see my files here…