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14 October 2015 03:32
Hmm ok I gave it a go, but nothing happens :(

Here's my files
14 October 2015 01:56
Ah yes thanks, sorry been so used to Cycles that I have to get my head back into BI mode :) (even though I'm in Blend4web
13 October 2015 08:35
Sorry for the 1000 questions but keen to get something working :)

Ok my question (well it's probably 2 questions) is, can you have one button that when pressed hides a group of objects, but when it's pressed again reveals that group of objects again?

I have a Entry Point node joined to a Select node which is then joined to a Hide node but wasn't sure if I then join a Show node to if from the Next socket?

Hope that makes sense.
13 October 2015 06:40
Hi there,

quick question.

Is there anyway using blend4web to swap one texture to another when a user clicks a button?

The reason why I dont want it to be geometry swapping is because the object that has the texture map is already fairly high poly (I'm doing a area of land that needs to show different geological markings on it)

Thanks in advance.
13 October 2015 03:38
Actually now I have another issue, here's what I'm trying to do

ie I have a "dotted line" object and a "glow line" object which pulsates.

but I want to hide the geometry of the "glow line" but still see the glow so that we can see the "dotted line" underneath it, is there anyway to do that, because when I make the "glow line" material's alpha = 0 it does nothing, and when I set it not to render in either the material rendering options or the object rendering properties it seems to cause errors (ie the whole scene becomes white when viewed in the SDK viewer except for shadows )
13 October 2015 02:29
Wow that was a quick reply, thanks for that.

That's exactly what I was after.

One thing I did notice was on a mac though, was your notes weren't lining up in the Node Editor (see below)

12 October 2015 07:47
Hi there is there anyway to animate the B4W_GLOW_OUTPUT so that it's a pulsating glow?

Basically i want a area to glow so that the user's eye is attracted to a button.

I'm new to blend4web (but not Blender) so you may need to spell it out to me.

Thanks in advance.
30 March 2015 08:18
Awesome to hear!
27 March 2015 02:21
Thanks Mikhail,

will look more into those. Any chance of having a indepth video tutorial in the future on how the helicopter ( ) was done with it's multiple buttons, highlighted materials, limiting the camera's zoom/panning etc?

25 March 2015 03:52
Ok thanks for that Mikhail and your hasty reply,

I think I need to do some more research into NLA animations & scripts since I come from a Flash and Adobe Edge background (as well as Blender but not so much the Game Engine side) . Got any good links to some tutorials that would help me out (especially if I'm not a programmer, I'm a graphic designer).

Also could I use Cycles materials instead or do I need to be in Blender Game to be able to turn off "Back face culling" in the Game Setting of Materials?

Once again thanks for you quick reply that's impressive customer service!