User posts Ryan Uttech
29 April 2015 17:33
Thanks for the direction. Yesterday I wasn't able to get the Code Snippets document running correctly. This morning, however, it's running with no problem. I'll take a look later today. Thanks again.
29 April 2015 00:32
I was playing around with the Annotations feature. I realized this only works if I export the blender file as HTML. If I export it just as a json file and load it using my custom environment nothing shows up. Am I not turning on a required setting? Also is there a direct API for the 'Empty' object to dynamically control the Annotation? If so, I wasn't able to find it. Thanks for this feature. If I can figure out how to control it a bit more I believe I can create some really neat things with it.
29 April 2015 00:24
I redirected users to a new page via the following code:

function initCb(canvas_elem, success) {
		if (!success) {																// If the load was not a success
			//console.log("b4w init failure");										
			document.location = "YOUR_HTML_PAGE.html"; // Display WebGL error page
28 April 2015 21:41
Thanks for all the help. Glad to see the proactive stance, as always.
28 April 2015 18:13
I think the camera is confused when set to its max and min vertical limit. The values trace out correctly, but the view is clearly wrong.
28 April 2015 17:21
I applied some vertical limits, instead of being -90, 90, are now -60,60. Setting these values fixed the issue.
28 April 2015 17:12
FYI - It is a 'Target' camera.
28 April 2015 17:09
I have implemented the set_trans_pivot and it is doing the same thing, when viewed from a top view. Otherwise it works correctly.
28 April 2015 16:56
Thanks, I'll try implementing this today. I'll keep everyone posted on the result.
27 April 2015 22:05
So I have created a product viewer to be incorporated into training materials. This viewer allows the user to fly around the object in three dimensional space. I'm having an issue with resetting the camera back to its original position. Upon initialization I capture the following parameters from the camera: Pivot(m_camera.get_pivot), Velocity(m_camera.get_velocity_params), Eye (m_camera.get_eye), and Limits(m_camera.get_cam_dist_limits). When the user clicks the reset button (HTML UI) I reset the following parameters: Pivot(m_camera.set_pivot) and Look At(m_camera.set_look_at). The only time this doesn't work is when I move the camera to a top view and try to reset the camera. It traces the same details as the initial camera capture after the reset, but looks nothing like the initial view. If I change the angle to be more of a 3Q view, it resets perfectly fine. Is this an issue with my calls or a Blend4Web issue? I think that if I add vertical limits to the camera this may help fix the issue as well. Any ideas?