User posts Ryan Uttech
02 December 2015 17:17
Can't wait to get playing with the new updates.
02 December 2015 17:17
We also just picked up a Samsung Gear VR, looking forward to the testing out these features.
02 December 2015 17:12
Hey Yuri,

Just a head's up that this is still happening. Chrome seems fine.

FF version 42.0

PC Specs:
Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80 GHz 2.80 GHz (2 processors)
RAM: 32 GB
Video: NVIDIA Quadro K4000
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
29 July 2015 00:30
I love the new updates, lots of new things to play with. It would be neat to see the Material example within your demo environment. I think helps visualize the lighting and shading on your objects before you even create them. It would help users pick the settings without having as many trial and error passes.
05 May 2015 17:32
When a JSON file is loading, currently all the information I can display is the loading percentage. Is there a feature that could be added to display "What" is currently loading? This way people could trace out what parts of the file are giving slow downs on the loading process.
05 May 2015 16:50
So I'm not 100% certain this is a bug, but I feel it's something that should be brought up. I've been testing my scene on multiple devices and I've noticed some issues with Touchscreen Laptops. When using the pinch jesters to zoom and pan on the Touchscreen, it scales my HTML UI instead. On phones or tablets I do not have this issue. I'm thinking it has something to do with controls fighting on the device itself, like it's fighting over the mouse functionality and the touchscreen functionality.
05 May 2015 00:48
I found that because I'm using the outline in my JavaScript code. I need to disable the Outline on Select option in Blender.
04 May 2015 19:30
So prior to this update the glow/outline effect would turn on when the object is moused over, and off when a user moused off. It seems now that the mouse off functionality was taken out and replaced by the Outline Relapses (# of times the outline animation repeats). My application uses the Outline feature to highlight objects so a user knows they are selectable(turns on and off from rollover) and should stay highlighted when selected.

So now since the update 15.04, every object I rolll over Outlines infinitely and all glow/outline at the same time. Is there a way around this issue? I've tried setting the relapses, but it is not having the desired effect.

My current project looks like a Christmas tree after I roll over all the selectable objects, they all have an outline and blink.
04 May 2015 19:11
This has been fixed. Thanks. (Update 15.04)
29 April 2015 18:57
I noticed when I "required" the anchors API, the anchor shows up. I cannot see it though, for some reason it is sitting behind the 3Dcanvas. So both the anchor and my frame rate are hidden. I was able to find these elements via the inspect feature of Firefox. I will have to bring the z-index forward for those elements or move the canvas back.