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04 October 2016 15:10
<3 <3 thank you Konstantin Khomyakov!!! I've been scratching my head all morning with this!
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04 October 2016 12:35
Thank you for your hard and good work! :)

I'm trying to locate documentation about upgrading the SDK. I enabled the option "Check for updates on startup" but nothing happens; nor am i being prompted of a new version, neither given any options to download or upgrade. Of course i looked into the SDK index, but couldn't find anything there either.

Since my applications are all in the blend4web SDK folder, placed according to your tutorials i can of course manually place them back. But since there quite a few locations to keep in check, I'm wondering if perhaps there is a better way to do this?

Thankful for an answer!
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27 September 2016 14:26
\o/ you are the best anyways, Konstantin Khomyakov! Thank you very much!
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27 September 2016 14:18
Seems i'm out of luck (most probably just doing it wrong),

I entered that in the init function (which i guess is this:)

 * export the method to initialize the app (called at the bottom of this file)
exports.init = function() {
        canvas_container_id: "main_canvas_container",
        callback: init_cb,
        show_fps: false,
        console_verbose: true,
        autoresize: true,

But everything disappears…. I apologize for my poor level of comprehension in javascript (i guess i really need to study it..)
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27 September 2016 13:58
Vash Shvedskiy ochen' khorosho!!
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27 September 2016 13:39
\o/ Great!!! i wonder why i never stumbled upon the API doc!

Spasiba very much Konstantin Khomyakov!! :)
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27 September 2016 13:22

I hope i am asking in the right place, I've searched the forum for an answer in vain and i guess the question is indeed a newbie question.

I'm trying to find how to enable the Stereo Anaglyph view for my app. I find how to do it if i use the player or in the viewer, but how do i enable it when i embed my app in a div with b4w.min.js and the project_name.js ?

I figure i need to put something like "anaglyph=true" in exports.init = function(), but my websearch-fu is failing me at revealing the exact thing to write and where…

Hope i make sense, for the record, i'm not very skilled in javascript so bare with me.

Thank you in advance and big up for this awesome piece of software!
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