User posts skarvis
16 September 2016 18:10

is it possible for you to add a function to objects module that clones the whole scene graph, with all mesh objects and empty objects that are attached to the parent? Similiar to Object.Instantiate() in Unity.

Right now it's only possible to copy a single mesh and use stiff constraints to group them again, but unfortunatly you loose the hierarchy.

@ VisCircle GmbH
26 August 2016 13:53

we want to create an application in which it is possible to spawn an arbitary amount of objects and move them around. Lets say we are talking about sofas for a clear example. It should be possible to place the same type multiple times. It also should be possible to change the textures applied to it independant from all other sofas.

When we change the texture of an object, for example with…

change_image(scene02_obj, "some_text_name", new_image_path);

…it also has an effect on all other loaded sofas of that kind, although we explicitly passed the object instance that we want to modify.

The scenes are both loaded from the same url using data.load(). It seems that b4w notices that circumstance and tries to avoid to load the same resources multiple times. The object uses b4w_do_not_batch and b4w_dynamic_geometry. The blend4web Version is 16.07.

How can we achieve to load the same scene multiple times and swap only the texture of a certain scene?

@ VisCircle GmbH
05 July 2016 13:50
Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for the quick response, glad my example was of use and it's great to hear that you've already managed to fix the bug
Looking forward to the update
@ VisCircle GmbH
05 July 2016 12:22

Thanks for your reply, Konstantin, but after some more testing the drop in frame-rate seems to be unrelated to our modifications to the node material.

I have created a test-scene to rule out some possible influence factors that could have caused the drop.

It is a simple scene with some test-geometry with a simple node material and SSAO enabled.
The scene has been exported using both b4w_16.05 json export and b4w_16.06 json export - the blender scene hasn't been modified between the two exports.
After loading the test-scenes using the b4w.min.js libraries of 16.05 and 16.06 respectively there is still a difference in performance (on my workstation it's about 50fps for 16.05 and about 30fps for 16.06)

I have uploaded all the test-files as an attachment, hopefully they will assist you in replicating this problem.

@ VisCircle GmbH