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11 November 2016 15:26
Thank you very much !
09 November 2016 17:16
Javascript ?
08 November 2016 20:43
Hi everybody,

I would like to program my blend4web apps instead of using blend4web logic nodes.
Right now I find realy fine using blend4web logic nodes cause don't know coding but I think maybe it would better if I could program directly the app with code.

Which programing language is used to make a blend4web app ?
I would like to take some coding lessons.

Thank you very much for your advice
20 April 2016 23:11
Hey, here in english:


happy blending4web !
20 April 2016 23:05
Hi Danny,

I had the same trouble. It's because your windows User session is not set as Admin with all permissions. But you can easily set this in the Windows Control Panel under "user-account-control parameters".
When you've setted it up, I think you have to restart Windows to get the changes operating.

Just have a look here
(sorry my Windows7 Pro control panel is in german on the screenshots)
20 April 2016 14:55
Hi everybody

I am building a little options menu with text. Text buttons are PNGs images displayed as texture on mesh.
I find that my text buttons are not realy sharp displayed, and when I scale the Blend4web viewer window the text is not readable anymore:

in 933x774 is ok

in 558x481 is not ok anymore

The text textures are PNGs with transparency, as you can see in my blend file:

How can I optimise the text textures to make them sharper and good scalable, that they can be better readen ?

Should I use an other texture image format (JPG, GIF…?) ?
Should I deactive the transparency and use text on white background ?
Are nodes materials/textures better displayed than basic materials/textures (I use basic materials/textures) ?

Thank you for your help !
04 March 2016 15:09
cool !
02 March 2016 14:30
Cool !
02 March 2016 12:32
Hi ,
I was wondering if it would be possible to have the possiblity of setting the SwitchSelect and Select nodes in a "double click" mode, like this for example:

When "double click" is not selected, the node remains as it used to, reacting to "one click".

The moment we can only select items with one click. With a double click we would have one more possibility to make the item doing something else.

Or is there any possiblity to have/build a "double click selection" with the existing nodes at the moment?

Thank you !

And by the way Blend4web is realy great !
01 March 2016 13:54

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Hi, im trying to run SDK to start my scenes, im using the lastest Blender 2.75a with lastest SDK for 2.75.

Im getting the Internal Server Error (500) on Localhost , any solution ?

My system: Windows 8 x64 bits, browser Chrome. No local firewall
Correct setup of blend4web sdk path in the user preferences.

thanks !

Hi there !
I did have the same trouble and I found a solution which maybe could work for other users who have this problem.
For me the solution was to set my windows user-account-control parameters like this:

Before, my windows7 user-account-control parameters were setted like this:

And that was the probleme. Because windows blocked any action of blend4web addon as soon as the blend4web addon want to write something on the harddisk. Windows wanted always a confirmation from the user to let a programm do something, but the problem no windows message poped up to give my confirmation; so it blocked.