SDK with Blender 2.75a Internal Server Error 500

29 February 2016 08:45
i've got the same problem since this morning.
29 February 2016 10:38
Sorry guys it's February 29 .
Today we're gonna propose some fix, but for now you can switch your system date to some other day, say March 1.
29 February 2016 11:00
wooo i was getting mad :)
29 February 2016 11:11
To solve this problem the addon's file should be replaced by this:

The folder containing the file to be replaced:

29 February 2016 12:23
ValueError: day is out of range for month
ERROR:tornado.access:500 GET /index_assets/css/project_list.css ( 0.69ms

We get a day of every 4 years! Thats good enough for me!
01 March 2016 13:54

Ответ на сообщение пользователя rebit
Hi, im trying to run SDK to start my scenes, im using the lastest Blender 2.75a with lastest SDK for 2.75.

Im getting the Internal Server Error (500) on Localhost , any solution ?

My system: Windows 8 x64 bits, browser Chrome. No local firewall
Correct setup of blend4web sdk path in the user preferences.

thanks !

Hi there !
I did have the same trouble and I found a solution which maybe could work for other users who have this problem.
For me the solution was to set my windows user-account-control parameters like this:

Before, my windows7 user-account-control parameters were setted like this:

And that was the probleme. Because windows blocked any action of blend4web addon as soon as the blend4web addon want to write something on the harddisk. Windows wanted always a confirmation from the user to let a programm do something, but the problem no windows message poped up to give my confirmation; so it blocked.
15 March 2016 20:02
I reported similar problem here: link
No changes after replacing

update: sorry, my problem is not related. Also already solved
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