User posts Tim Crellin
14 February 2017 00:15
For some reason bloom and other filters do not work in the browser window.
Additionally the 'add' alpha type doesn't work either and has weird artifacts with the motion blur.
I am using firefox.

Here is the scene:

Quality setting:

Problem(motion blur does work):

Artifacts from add alpha material:

example .blend

GPU = GTX 660
11 February 2017 14:44
Here is the documentation on video textures which might be of use:

It looks like you don't need nodes to set it up from the documentation.
10 February 2017 14:54
If textures/images have broken links (show up black or not visible in the UV/Image Editor) then they will fail to be set relative.
To fix, simply go through the images stored in the UV image editor and check that all of them actually resemble an image. For those that don't, press shift + click the x to unlink the broken image.
08 February 2017 00:38
B4W is lacking a node to add instances of objects.
This is crucial to many different game genres.
Currently there is particle systems, but this is over-complicated for adding a simple object.

A node like this would make game development more viable for beginners and artists who do not want to delve into the javascript API