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07 April 2016 17:46
Got it, thanks

06 April 2016 19:48
Thanks, how can I see these warning messages?

06 April 2016 14:35
Here is a link to my OneDrive!302417&authkey=!AH4SHm40ECVM22o&ithint=folder%2c

05 April 2016 21:24
Using Blender 2.74 and Blend4Web 15.5 I have a blend file that when I export it to HTML the resulting file is quite large and using FireFox it displays nothing. I have attached the *.html file. All new to Blend / Blend4web so could someone maybe take a look and tell me why. I did not make the blend file so I'm not sure what it contains. I can send the result blend if you want. I tried attaching both but they exceeded the 30MB limit. The blend (zipped) is 39mb.

21 March 2016 18:15
Yuri, thanks for the reply, yes that is what we want.

18 March 2016 18:11
Could a post to pinterest be added?

01 June 2015 20:20
Thanks for the info. I'll have to dive in and see what I can do. At the moment we are exporting as HTML in a Windows environment. Again, thanks.
28 May 2015 21:52
Sorry but not being a Blender coder, etc I'm not sure what you mean. When you say application do you mean Blender? The little spinet at the link will that convert my PNG/JPG to DDS or do I have to actually do something else? Sorry but truly a newbie here at this point.
27 May 2015 21:28
Is there any way to control the file size. I would like to have a setting for the user like low, med and high and depending upon the selection control the file size. I'm reading but not finding anything.

You know I found this wonderful tool and now they want more.

Many thanks
21 April 2015 18:36
We have been chasing the issue for a day and this is what we found. The plug-in is dependent on

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)

Every system where it has failed show did not have this, when we installed it bingo all problems went away.

I we find something else I'll report back.

If this fixes the issue of 'Addon is not compatible with "windows x64" platform' will you guys install the MS Runtime Library?