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20 February 2018 13:13

We are testing on the solar system example file to build a few AR experiences. On running the default solar system project file we are getting significant difference in the results when we run on PC and Mobile phone.

The scene looks skewed in the mobile phone chrome web browser. Please have a look both attached images.

When testing the same file from Blend4Web SSL server, the result is smooth on the phone irrespective of the skew, but when we try deploying to our own SSL server the result has a major lag in the camera and flickers.
Is this normal and if so a solution would be totally appreciated.
20 February 2018 12:44
We have all seen the solar system file and how it runs in AR. It looks real cool. My question is, it runs on any random target marker and not only the marker provided with the project file.
How do we set AR projects to run only on specified markers?

Is this ARToolkit specific or blend4Web tweak?

It will be great to know a solution for this.
12 February 2018 09:00
Hello Guys

I was wondering if I could simulate a camera mask in the AR camera. This should help me view all the objects within the mask and negate everything outside the mask.
Do we have a default option for this or it needs bit of digging into java script?

PFA for a brief understanding.

Thanks in Advance
12 February 2018 08:44
Hello Guys,

I'm working on an AR project using Blend4Web and having studied the Solar System AR example, I have tried a few tests to make similar experiences to run on mobile phones using chrome browser.
My question is, how do I set AR camera's initial position in world space so that when the experience triggers, we need the camera in the desired position. This will be very helpful in artistic direction of the camera.

For your viewing I have attached a Blend4Web project, in which you can see a terrain and a proxy car like object. When the AR triggers I want the camera to be set on top of the car, but still it should act like an AR camera normally.

forumTerrain is the complete project.

Take a look at the attached image for easier understanding. Thanks in Advance.