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15 July 2019 08:28
Anyone any reply / help plz?
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08 July 2019 11:50
I followed tutorial and tried publishing the set from project manager. Something is wrong with my settings or file. The file gets published but when clicked run nothing appears except loader bar.

can Anyone help plz? I have attached both files ( published set & blender file )

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27 June 2016 09:14

where I can read about "whats new" in these ongoing beta releases / developer versions?

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25 June 2016 13:52
Here are couple of samples I am after creating in B4W. They have already been rendered in typical cycles but not in B4W.
I am sticking around to achieve the at least similar result or better.
gradually coming up with all required things but still only thing biting is the file size

The file size for engine is going above 200MBs, just trying to reduce as much as possible.

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25 June 2016 12:54
Yeh now got it..! Thx. I didnt know that the 'extended material' under standard input works instead of under 'blend4web' menu.

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25 June 2016 12:50
I dnt know but surprisingly …!

I saw this polo page many times… 10-20 may be but today first time I noticed that the doors do open @ some clicking when zoomed inn ! ! !
sweet accident ! LOL


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25 June 2016 12:45
Luke are you talking about any of these files?

Namely is that the materialVaration.js?

I was just wondering how can we have a look at that specific .js file.

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23 June 2016 20:46
I could manage to glow the normal object but couldn't manage to do same for reflection in plane . check file
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23 June 2016 20:33
I have huge 1 year gap on b4w and trying to catch up again. I tried doing but couldn't. can u share a quick preparation sample?

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19 June 2016 22:40
I think as of now there is a almost preset mouse behavior. can there be an easy customization option for mouse buttons?

example - may be a right click or middle click drag for turn around likewise.
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