Blog of the Capri Project


Capri is the largest project our team is working on. And perhaps, it is also the largest project that uses WebGL technology ever made. But only the developers can say the best thing about this project. Due to this video you can meet the Capri project and the entire Blend4Web team. Briefly we'll tell you about how the Capri project was started and why is it important for the development of the Blend4Web engine and possibly for the WebGL technology at all.

This article opens a series of video blogs about the workflow of the project. In this blog we'll share demoreels and small video lessons about the process of creating the content of the project or simply to share our success and challenges.

With this project we want not only to raise interest in our engine, but also to show that the functionality of WebGL has overgrown simple demo scenes with cubes and teapots and primitive arcade games.

A video will appear once a week or possibly more often. It will include additional pictures with detailed explanations. You will be able to follow along with the development of the project as well as ask questions about it on our forum.

Enjoy the video!
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