Capri Blog Issue 4. Under the Influence of the Wind


Capri island is not only full of tourists and attractions, but also rich covered by foliage. As for the cherry blossom in Japan, many tourists came to the Capri ssland to see the rapid flowering of many bougainvilleas varieties and other flowers. So, in some manner, our project trying to convey the diversity of the islands plants.

Trees under the influence of the wind.

Foliage near the terraces.

Plants are partially dynamic objects in games. To stay realistic, they must respond on players actions and weather condition, such as an influence of the wind. We'll try to give the detailed explanation of creating the effect of the game objects interaction with the wind.

Foliage near the villa.

In the series of articles about the Wind Bending you'll see three videos in different ways explaining this effect. In the first video you'll see a schematic explanation of the Wind Bending technology from a man who was involved in its development. In the video you can get a basic understanding on how the engine affects the geometry and what settings of the effect in which way do you need to use.

In the second article of the series with next two videos you will see the usage of Wind Bending in specific examples.

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