08 sep. 2015 14:38
I would love to see a walk-through of how to add a redirect link with the new node editing, add a sound and add an animation. I think those three things would be a great start for anybody starting out with Blend4Web.
If you need English voice-over, let me know.
I just finished a Blend4web install video:
I have a Blend4Web SDK tour video in processing, I will post a link when it is done.
08 sep. 2015 17:00
Hi Will,

Just watched your video - it is awesome! I agree that walk-throughs you mentioned would be very useful.

See an example blend file in the SDK for making page redirects without coding.

Sound can be added as described in this tutorials: [1], [2], [3]. See also the manual page and sources for the Island demo.

For different animation types see the doc page and tutorials throughout the blog.

If you find some time and decide to create video tutorials by yourself, I'm pretty sure it would appreciated by our community very much! We are ready to provide you with whatever assistance you may need, including promotion.

08 sep. 2015 17:19
Thanks for the links. I am starting to learn a few things. I may pester you with a few questions but once I understand a concept, I will do a video for it. I think there will be people who learn Blender specifically because of Blend4Web. There are many web development technologies that are becoming obsolete. Web developers who have never authored 3D content will be looking to keep up with the times. So I think videos that show each step assuming no knowledge of Blender would be cool.
08 sep. 2015 17:31
So I think videos that show each step assuming no knowledge of Blender would be cool.
By coincidence, we just discussed that today and planned to expand the user manual with topics related to general Blender use. Indeed, this will be very helpful for newcomers to start with the Blend4Web workflow.
08 sep. 2015 23:22
New video posted, Blend4Web Tour and Overview.

Let me know if I got anything wrong. I can still make changes.
(Hey, where should I post my videos on this forum?)
09 sep. 2015 10:17
Great! This is the most detailed and cool Blend4Web video review on youtube so far! Didn't know about the "Kick the bucket" idiom.

You might create and maintain a separate topic for your videos in the Projects section of the forum.

We'll also share it via our social media. Looking forward to more videos!
09 sep. 2015 11:36
Hey, awesome job!
I knew about the idiom, but it never came to mind (maybe because I think in Russian, too) In Russian the same is, like, "to throw down hooves" or something
12 nov. 2022 10:24
Simple Scene is a great feature to have. I've been using it for a while and it really helps me with my work. The only problem is that sometimes there are too many options and you may lose track of which option you chose, but this can be solved by adding more options or by having a list of all the options in the scene. Go to home for disabled for best ideas. I use it to create my own blog, but I also use it to create videos and animations for clients. The only thing I would like to see added is the ability to export your images in different formats such as PNG or GIF.
09 dec. 2022 09:13
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