08 oct. 2015 14:20
Thanks Mikhail,
I am currently learning Github. There is a free Kindle book on Amazon for anybody interested.
23 oct. 2016 10:44
When you want to version control your B4W app, do you run Git from inside the SDK directory? Or do you copy it out into another directory every time you want to commit? I am trying to find a way to easily run Git on my B4W apps. If I used a bundled project, I could run Git from that one folder. Is there a better way?
24 oct. 2016 14:30
Do you want to develop your applications with a local git server or with github?
24 oct. 2016 20:21
For an open source B4W project. I am working on a multi-player node.js application.
The primary purpose is to learn my self how to use node.js but also I think there could be huge potential for Blend4web and Node.js to make multi user interactive applications.
25 oct. 2016 19:50
In the upcoming release we add a new lite SDK vesion which is around 500 mb. You can remove Material Library to reduce the size even more and upload it to your GitHub repo.

So in your case I recommend placing project files alongside SDK. This way there won't be unnecessary actions with files copying etc.
25 oct. 2016 19:53
Sounds great Mikhail, Thanks!
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22 oct. 2022 13:06
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