27 nov. 2022 19:32
This is a blog post about how you can use GitHub pages as your hosting for Blend4Web content. You may have come across GitHub before and wondered why anyone would use it, or at least that's what I thought. But I've since discovered a number of cool uses for GitHub and found that it was exactly what we needed in order to publish our Blend4Web content. Use this self evaluation generator for a better review. So I want to share my experience on how to get your content published on GitHub Pages and build a workflow around it so you can easily create websites with Blend4Web.
08 may. 2023 15:14
Publishing Blend4Web Content on GitHub Pages is a relatively simple process that allows developers to host and showcase their 3D web applications created with the Blend4Web platform. By leveraging GitHub Pages, developers can easily deploy and share their content with the wider community, opening up new opportunities for collaboration and feedback. To visit here 22 250 brass and learn more new tips for primers. This process involves exporting the Blend4Web project files to a standalone folder, creating a new repository on GitHub, and pushing the files to the repository. Once the content is published, it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, making it an effective tool for sharing and showcasing 3D web applications.
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